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Here at Career Exploration and Success, we provide career-related advising, resources, and programs to help individuals discover their interests, values, and skills, explore careers & academic pathways, develop skills through internships and experiential opportunities, and pursue their post-graduate goals.


Students & Alumni

Students Graduating with Experience

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Annual Student Engagement with CES

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Free Tuition Challenge

At Career Exploration and Success, we know how hard Rutgers students work! That's why we are the only office on campus that raffles off free tuition and other cool prizes to students who participate in our challenge.

Drop-In Advising Hours

Receive personalized career & internship guidance during our drop-in advising hours. Get support with building a resume or cover letter, coaching for your LinkedIn profile, or answers to post-graduation questions. Start your career journey with us at drop-in hours today!

School of Communication & Information

Community: Arts, Multimedia, and Communication
Community Advisor: Aaron Ratzan
When: Tuesdays; 2pm – 4pm
Location: Virtual (Password: resume)

Center for Latino Arts and Culture

Community: Asian American and Pacific Islander, Black & Latinx, and Indigenous Students
Community Advisor: Airelle Smith
When: Thursdays; 5:30pm - 7 pm {Starting 2/29)
Location: Center for Latino Arts and Culture


Community: Military-Affiliated
Community Advisor: Tamara Peters
When: Wednesdays; 2pm – 4pm; 2/21-4/29
Location: Veteran’s House

College Support Program

Community: Students with Disabilities
Community Advisor: Airelle Smith
When: 2/9, 3/8, 4/12; 10am - 12:30pm
Location: Center for Adult Autism Services
Note: Only open to College Support Program students. Students must contact Erin Walker to sign up in advance of each date.


Office of Disability Services

Community: Students with Disabilities
Community Advisor: Airelle Smith
When: Thursdays; 3pm – 4:30pm (starting 2/29)
Location: Lucy Stone Hall

Events and Programs

Attend an event, participate in a mentoring program, or register for a course. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your success. Have you taken steps to get involved in your own career journey yet?

Employment Resources

Employment Services

Our office provides you with events, programs, and resources specifically designed to connect you with employers and full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities from a wide variety of fields.


Beware: Fraudulent Employer Scams

There has been an increase in fraudulent employment postings across the nation. Fraudulent employers are phishing for the unsuspecting. We have created a list of recently reported fraudulent postings and information on how to recognize and avoid job scams.

scam employers

Post-Graduation Survey

Congratulations, graduates! As you embark on new life adventures, we ask that you share your future plans with our office by completing the Official Post-Graduation Survey linked below. If you cannot log in with your RUID and last name, please email Madeline Giordana, with your RUID, full name, major, school, and email address. Even if you have not decided on your next steps, you can still complete this survey before graduation.

Survey data will help guide our future job development efforts, allow us to create additional job leads for students and alumni, and will be shared with university administrators to provide data for future decision-making. You will be entered into a raffle to win your choice of Apple Air Pods or a gift card!

Note: Individual responses will not be shared.

Student graduates
scam employers
Student graduates

Career Communities

Career communities provide tailored access to preparation programs, recruiting events, job listings, alumni mentors, and more! Log in to your Rutgers Handshake account, hover over your profile section, select ‘Career Interests,’ and select up to five communities to join. 

Career & Internship Guide: News, Tips, Hacks & More

Get a jump start on developing your career plans with our Career & Internship Guide. This guide contains information on exploring careers and majors, polishing your resume, implementing job search strategies, planning for graduate school, and much more.


The first interview is a key exchange of information between the employer and the applicant. Learn more about our interview success strategies to ensure you are a standout candidate.

group, work, professional, team

Two of the biggest decisions you will face at Rutgers are deciding what to study and what to do once you graduate. These are important decisions that require thoughtful consideration. Some students identify their choice of major and/or career early on, while others need more time to explore and research various options.