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Job Offer Evaluation Tool

Choosing between job offers can be tough. Some jobs offer more money but less time off, while others pay less but help with tuition. It all depends on what matters most to you, like salary, time off, or educational support. The Job Offer Evaluation Tool helps you explore which offer might be best for you by considering and weighing your preferences. 

Download the Job Offer Evaluation Tool here.

Use the Tool:

Total Compensation Comparison: 

  • Review the listed assessment criteria 
  • Weigh each of the assessment criteria categories based on your preferences (1 = lowest value, 5 = highest value). For example: Is base salary the most important component to you? Enter a 4 or a 5 under “Weight” next to “Base Salary."
  • Input the data for each item (enter the base salary from job offer 1, job offer 2, etc.) 
  • After completing the form, the tool will display a “Weighted Compensation Valuation Rank,” which ranks the offers based on the information you provided. 
  • There are also other aspects of a job to consider. It may be hard to assign a numerical value to these components, but it can be helpful to explore.  

Other Considerations: 

  • Review the listed assessment criteria 
  • Weight each of the assessment criteria categories backed on your individual preferences (1= lowest value, 5 = highest value) For example: Is growth potential the most important area for you? Enter a 4 or a 5 under “weight” next to “growth potential.” 
  • Assign a point value for each of the job offers based on each of the assessment criteria (1= worst, 5 = best) For example: Does Job 1 have excellent growth potential? Enter a 4 or a 5 in the row for “Growth Potential” in the column for Job 1.
  • After submitting your information, the tool will rank your “Other things to Consider.” This tool can be used as a resource to help you better understand how each opportunity compares to another, based on your values and preferences. It should not be used as the only method for deciding on a job offer. 

Visit Career Exploration and Success: 

  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Exploration and Success career advisor for assistance with evaluating your job offers.