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Assistant Director, Student Employee Enrichment Program

Position Announcement

Assistant Director, Student Employee Enrichment (SEE) Program

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, seeks a dynamic team leader to serve as the inaugural Assistant Director of the Student Employee Enrichment (SEE) Program within the Office of Career Exploration and Success. 

Application Deadline to Apply: 11:59 pm on May 22, 2024 (Priority Deadline: May 6) 

Program Overview

Career Readiness Competencies
Federal Work-Study Students

Institution Overview

Rutgers University-New Brunswick, the flagship campus of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is a renowned academic institution that boasts a vibrant and diverse community of learners. With its enrollment numbers exceeding 43,000 students, Rutgers-New Brunswick offers a broad range of programs across its schools and colleges, providing students with ample opportunities for intellectual growth and personal development. The campus's rich history, state-of-the-art facilities, and distinguished faculty contribute to a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for success in their chosen fields and equips them with the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.


About the Career Readiness Unit

One of four units within the Office of Career Exploration and Success, the Career Readiness Unit guides students through the later stages of their career journey. Its main goals are to help them develop skills, connect to meaningful professional experiences, and master contemporary strategies to enhance competitiveness post-graduation. The unit consists of 11 full-time staff members and three graduate coordinators organized into two teams led by associate directors: the Career Success Strategy Team and the Internships & Professional Development Team (associated with this role).


About the Internships & Professional Development Team and SEE Program

Aligned with the Career Readiness Unit's mission, the Internships & Professional Development Team is dedicated to facilitating students’ connection to high-impact internship experiences and equipping them with the tools to effectively articulate these experiences and essential skills, thus fostering competitiveness in their future pursuits.

The Student Employee Enrichment (SEE) Program is one program managed by this team. It is a retooling and expansion of the previous On-campus Work Experience Network (OWN), coordinated by Career Exploration and Success and Enrollment Management as recommended by the Rutgers—New Brunswick Discovery Advantage Plan.  The goal is to expand career readiness opportunities to all Federal Work Study (FWS) students.


About the Associate Director, Internships & Professional Development

As the associate director and direct supervisor, Lyn Baier oversees a portfolio of high-impact programs, including the Rutgers Scarlet Service Internship Program, Rutgers Internship & Co-op Program, Professional Development Programs, and the Student Employee Enrichment Program. Lyn has decades of experience leading high-impact experiential education programs, including the peer-led First-year Interest Group Seminars (FIGS). 


About the Director of Career Readiness

Jennifer Broyles is the Director of Career Readiness. With nearly two decades of experience in career services at multiple institutions, Jennifer's extensive background positions her as a capable leader who can successfully navigate the challenges of today. Her accomplishments, such as collaborating with faculty to connect hundreds of undergraduate researchers to the world of work at The College of New Jersey and co-creating the now nationally utilized career communities' model during her time at Rutgers, demonstrate her expertise in establishing partnerships, developing experiential education opportunities, and enhancing career readiness. Jennifer is widely recognized for her work by the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers and the National Association of Colleges and Employers.


About the Executive Director

Jennifer Broyles, Director of Career Readiness, reports to William (Wil) Jones, Executive Director of Career Exploration and Success. Wil was officially named Executive Director in 2021 by Rutgers University-New Brunswick Chancellor-Provost Francine Conway. Jones previously served in various roles within CES, including Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives, Senior Director, and interim Executive Director. At Rutgers, he co-founded the industry-centric career community approach to career development – which has become a national model – to diversify office offerings and help students think about their professional goals beyond the confines of their academic discipline. Before joining Rutgers, Wil oversaw various functions at the University of Maryland Career Center, including helping student leaders translate their experiences to the world of work by making connections to the skills employers sought. 

Wil Jones

Position Description

Reporting to the Associate Director for Internships and Professional Development, the assistant director will initiate and oversee the Student Employment Enrichment (SEE) program for the Office of Career Exploration and Success, an expansion and retooling of the current On-Campus Work Experience Network.  This program will be designed and implemented to incorporate meaningful professional development into on-campus student employment experiences across the Rutgers—New Brunswick campus.  This includes helping students understand the connections between their work experiences, academics, and future career goals and better understand, develop, and articulate the career readiness competencies that employers seek. The assistant director will also lead the student employment career community advisory board comprised of campus partners, employers, and students.

Student Employment Enrichment Program Management

The assistant director will lead a student employment advisory board to develop, implement, and maintain the SEE Program.   This program will promote the integration of NACE Competencies into the on-campus student employment experience.  The program will develop opportunities for students to reflect on their experiences, connect them to the NACE Competencies, and practice articulating skills learned through a variety of possible options: modules, presentations, reflections, conversations, evaluations, etc.  The incumbent will plan and execute a yearly celebration of student-employee achievement during National Student Employment Week. 

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Supervisor (Employer) Training and Enrichment

The assistant director will create a comprehensive training process for the supervisors of student employees to outline expectations of the SEE program and promote meaningful on-campus interactions.  Examples of this may include: workshop/seminar at the onset of each academic year for supervisors participating in the program; creation of a Performance Appraisal Process to include an initial goal-setting meeting, mid-year and end-of year check in; Providing support and check-ins throughout the year to ensure supervisors are receiving the support they need to provide a meaningful student experience; creating/providing language on student employment job listings to incorporate NACE Career Competencies and career readiness, etc.  The assistant director will also encourage on-campus employers to post positions on Rutgers Handshake and create avenues for students to connect with on-campus employers. 

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Career Advising:

The assistant director will provide direct service delivery to students in the form of individual and/or group appointments to help students navigate their personal career journey (i.e., discover themselves, explore career and academic pathways, develop skills and competencies, and pursue their goals).


CES Programming Support

As part of the overall Internships and Professional Development unit, the assistant director will assist CES colleagues with the planning and execution of in-person and virtual programs.  This support may include but is not limited to, presenting career-related content in courses, supporting high-impact programming, and other “all-hands-on-deck” endeavors, as needed.  

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Miscellaneous Duties

The assistant director participates in appropriate administrative meetings and working groups. They will participate in departmental professional development opportunities and pursue other avenues of professional growth.  They will also perform other duties as assigned. 

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Candidate Profile

To be considered for the assistant director position, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Experience and Education: Requires a master’s degree in a related field with two years of experience or an equivalent combination of education and/or experience. 
  2. Skills and Competencies: Should have an in-depth understanding of NACE Career Readiness Competencies and tactics related to improving supervisor and intern mentoring relationships. Must demonstrate the ability to work effectively in teams, problem-solve, and manage projects and timelines. Should also have a track record of successfully increasing engagement by audiences and proficiency with standard office software packages.

Preferred Qualifications:  Ideally, the person will have experience within a career services setting and experience with elevating student employment into high-impact experiences that include building connections to core career competencies. 

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Block R Project

Salary and Benefits

This position offers a competitive salary and benefits.

Salary Transparency

The position is classified as an AFT-5 grade, and its "lifetime" salary range is between $65,741 and $97,972. However, the starting salary offer has a budgetary maximum of $69,000, which will be determined based on the candidate's experience.


Flexible Work Arrangement Program

Rutgers is pleased to announce the extension of the FlexWork@RU Pilot Program through August 31, 2024. Full-time staff members within Career Exploration and Success are permitted to either a 4:1 compressed work week or up to two days per week of remote work. 

The flexible work arrangements outlined in Rutgers Policy 60.3.22 are part of a pilot program that is effective September 1, 2022 and extended through August 31, 2024. Therefore, there is no guarantee that this flexible work arrangement will continue beyond that date. Flexible work arrangements are not permanent, are subject to change or cancellation and contingent on the employee receiving approval in the FlexWork@RU Application System. Additional information may be found at

Additionally, CES has implemented #FocusFriday, a department-wide practice where internal meetings between CES colleagues are discouraged every Friday. This dedicated time enables staff to concentrate on accomplishing their goals.  Periodic meditation or mental health breaks throughout the day are also supported. To further support productivity, CES encourages the utilization of automated "Focus Blocks" through Microsoft Outlook. These automated blocks allow staff members to schedule designated periods of uninterrupted work time, further maximizing productivity and focus.


Benefits Program

Rutgers offers a comprehensive benefit program to eligible employees. For details, please go to
Rutgers also offers a benefit program to eligible full-time postdoctoral fellow students. For details, please go to


Non-Discrimination Statement

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, age, or any other category covered by law in its admission, programs, activities, or employment matters. For additional information, please see the Non-Discrimination Statement at the following web address:


Estimated Search Timeline

This is just an estimated timeline, and guide posts are subject to change given the start of the recruiting season for Rutgers students.

May 22
Application Deadline
May 6
Priority Deadline
First-round Virtual Interview & Presentation
Final Interview

Search Committee:

Jennifer Broyles (Search Chair),
Director, Career Readiness -  Career Exploration and Success

Rose Barbalace
Library Supervisor II - Rutgers Libraries

Chris Carey
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement and Belonging, Student Affairs

Paul Fishbach
Director, Operations - Campus Recreation

Tanishq Jagoori
Rutgers Scarlet Service Internship Program Intern - Career Exploration and Success

Fred Kain
Associate Director of Financial Aid - Enrollment Management

Gina Kandil
Federal Work Study Coordinator - Office of Financial Aid

Danielle Niro-Sams
Assistant Director, Business Affairs - Dining Services

Lauren Olsen
Associate Director. Strategy and Operations - Enrollment Management

Topher Sutton
Associate Director, Operations - Career Exploration and Success

Meave Woods
Assistant Director of Administrative Planning - Learning Centers


Apply Today

Application Deadline to Apply: 11:59 pm on May 22, 2024 (Priority Deadline: May 6)