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Discover Yourself

Discover Yourself

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How can you possibly choose among all these options at Rutgers to craft your own amazing college experience? More importantly, what do you want out of life after Rutgers? If you’re wondering how to weave together what fits, what is doable, and what will truly be meaningful, design thinking can help.


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Decision-making is the process of identifying alternatives and making a selection based on your unique, individual preferences. Career decisions are among the most challenging you will ever make throughout your life, especially during college.


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Finding career satisfaction is more complex than simply identifying a major and an occupation. Have you wondered what is the “right” major for you, or if what you’re studying will lead to a satisfying career? Is the career you have in mind going to be fulfilling?


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As you assess who you are and what you have to offer, it’s important to remember that there are several essential skills or “competencies” that most employers find highly desirable. Regardless of your chosen career path, it is crucial you work on developing these competencies so you can demonstrate to employers that you are a high-quality, career-ready candidate, prepared to handle a variety of tasks and contribute positively to the workforce.

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Personal branding helps you identify and communicate your unique strengths to differentiate yourself from your peers and stand out in a competitive job market. Furthermore, creating and managing your brand ensures you stay focused on your individual goals to become the kind of person you want to be and achieve the specific things you want to achieve. Without this vision for yourself, it’s very easy to take classes and engage in work experiences and other activities that aren’t aligned with your goals.