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Know Thyself: Bridging Values, Skills, & Careers Together

Making plans for your future can be challenging. Starting with the self-assessment process can give you more choices and increase your confidence that you are on the right career path. 

A self-assessment process can reveal your personal attributes, including values, skills, personality style, and interests, all of which help you make informed career choices. CES career development specialists can help you identify potential options using a career assessment and self-evaluation questions. Areas of exploration include:

  • Interests: Something enjoyable and/or stimulating that draws and keeps your attention.
  • Values: What is the most important to you; your core beliefs.
  • Skills: Your key abilities, talents, and strengths.
  • Personality Style: Evaluation of personality characteristics to determine if you are a "fit" for a position.

Career Assessment

CES offers a tool to help you navigate this exploration called Traitify. Additionally, if you’re trying to clarify an academic major, career community, or communities, where you can connect to others with similar interests and values, please use the Career Communities Quiz.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before your appointment with a career advisor, you can begin the process of self-reflection by asking yourself a few key questions:

  1. In what areas have I received praise or recognition?
  2. Do I enjoy activities that relate to people, things, or data?
  3. Do I prefer a regular routine or an ever-changing schedule?
  4. Do I prefer to work as part of a team or alone?
  5. Do I prefer to lead or follow?
  6. Do I prefer to communicate in writing or verbally?
  7. Do I enjoy analyzing complex issues, problems, or data?
  8. Do I enjoy creative activities and artistic endeavors?
  9. How important is work/life balance to me?

If you would like to discuss your career assessment results with one of our Career Advisors, you can make an appointment via Handshake.