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Sr. Assistant Director, Graduate Student Career Pathways

Position Announcement

Sr. Assistant Director, Graduate Student Career Pathways

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, seeks a dynamic team leader to serve as the inaugural Sr. Assistant Director, Graduate Student Career Pathways within the Office of Career Exploration and Success. 

Application Deadline to Apply: 11:59 pm on May 22, 2024

Program Overview

Career Readiness Competencies
RU-NB Graduate Students

Institution Overview

Rutgers University-New Brunswick, the flagship campus of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is a renowned academic institution that boasts a vibrant and diverse community of learners. With its enrollment numbers exceeding 43,000 students, Rutgers-New Brunswick offers a broad range of programs across its schools and colleges, providing students with ample opportunities for intellectual growth and personal development. The campus's rich history, state-of-the-art facilities, and distinguished faculty contribute to a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for success in their chosen fields and equips them with the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.


About the Career Discovery Unit

One of four units within the Office of Career Exploration and Success, the Career Discovery unit guides students through the early stages of their career journey. Its primary objective is to assist them in discovering their interests, skills, and values, while facilitating the exploration of potential career pathways to inform future decision-making. The unit consists of 11 full-time staff members and five graduate coordinators organized into three teams led by associate directors: the First-year Career Engagement Team, the Career Exploration Team, and the Career Pathways Team (associated with this role).


About the Career Pathways Team and Graduate Student Career Pathways Program

Aligned with the Career Discovery Unit's mission, the Career Pathways Team directs its efforts toward empowering students to leverage their individuality as a strength. This entails guiding them through their career trajectories, facilitating mentor connections, and presenting them with employers that resonate with their values, inspiring students to delve into these connections proactively.

The new Graduate Student Career Pathways Program will provide opportunities for graduate students to make connections with career readiness competencies and further connect them with Career Exploration and Success resources to clarify their career goals, explore industry pathways, develop various career competencies, and connect with industry professionals and alumni. They will organize workshops, panels, and guest speakers, build connections with Rutgers graduate programs, create networking events, and prepare to establish mentoring programs.


About the Associate Director, Career Pathways

As the associate director and direct supervisor, Tamara Peters oversees a portfolio of career student communities designed to provide tailored resources for the diverse population of Rutgers—New Brunswick students. This includes the Career Advocacy and Professional Inclusion efforts and 4WARD Career Pathways Program for undergraduate students. She also directly provides career resources and campus connections for military-affiliated students, student-athletes, international students, and previously worked closely with graduate students as a career community. Tamara has a decade of experience working within career services helping students and building collaborative campus partnerships. Prior to Rutgers, Tamara worked in industry at Dow Jones and Company, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, for ten years. Tamara was previously recognized by the HireBig10+ consortium as the Outstanding Professional of the Year.


Tamara Peters

About the Director of Career Discovery

Sue Pye is the director of Career Discovery. Sue has decades of experience leading high-impact experiential education initiatives, working with campus partners to develop career curricula, leading teams, and even liaising with graduate school programs in a previous role. Before Rutgers, she worked in career services at Seton Hall University and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). She began her full-time career in higher education in residence life, working at Kean University, William Paterson University, and the College of Saint Elizabeth.

Sue Pye

About the Executive Director

Sue Pye, Director of Career Discovery, reports to William (Wil) Jones, Executive Director of Career Exploration and Success. Wil was officially named Executive Director in 2021 by Rutgers University-New Brunswick Chancellor-Provost Francine Conway. Jones previously served in various roles within CES, including Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives, Senior Director, and interim Executive Director. At Rutgers, he co-founded the industry-centric career community approach to career development – which has become a national model – to diversify office offerings and help students think about their professional goals beyond the confines of their academic discipline. Before joining Rutgers, Wil oversaw various functions at the University of Maryland Career Center, including helping student leaders translate their experiences to the world of work by making connections to the skills employers sought. 

Wil Jones

Position Description

The Office of Career Exploration and Success seeks an individual to develop and lead the new Graduate Student Career Pathways Initiative as the inaugural Senior Assistant Director. Reporting to the Associate Director for Career Pathways, the Senior Assistant Director will lead an initiative for graduate students, focusing much on doctoral students seeking careers in industry. This includes developing a comprehensive program that leverages support for graduate students seeking to clarify their career goals, explore industry pathways, develop various career competencies, and connect with industry professionals and alumni. The Senior Assistant Director will serve as the primary liaison to the School of Graduate Studies and Graduate Student Life, and they will manage the Doctoral Student Career Community, including an advisory board comprised of campus partners, employers, and student leaders.

Management of Graduate Student Career Pathways Program

The Senior Assistant Director will oversee career preparation initiatives tailored for graduate students, encompassing a program aimed at helping them connect with career competencies and various industries. They will enlist campus partners as Career Pathway Fellows who will aid in executing this program. Additionally, the incumbent will organize a significant career event for graduate students, as well as facilitate future student/alumni mentoring programs and other activities aligned with the duties of this position.

grad event

Leadership and Community Engagement

The Senior Assistant Director will establish and nurture connections with other career professionals within Career Exploration and Success, as well as across the campus, who interact with graduate students. Additionally, they will lead the Doctoral Student Career Community Advisory Board to oversee the management of career preparation programs, recruitment events, and future student-alumni mentoring activities tailored specifically for the community. The board will consist of faculty/staff, industry professionals, and student leaders aligned with the career community. Moreover, the incumbent will cultivate relationships with campus entities dedicated to serving graduate students, such as the School of Graduate Studies, Graduate Student Life, and the Rutgers Graduate Student Association. Furthermore, the Senior Assistant Director will act as the main point of contact for career presentation requests from graduate student-affiliated organizations and campus partners.


Career Advising:

The Senior Assistant Director will provide direct career advising service delivery primarily for doctoral students navigating their career journey (i.e., discover themselves, explore career and academic pathways, develop skills and competencies, and pursue their goals). They will also identify methods to expand advising capacity for this population.

career advising

Miscellaneous Duties

The Senior Assistant Director will actively participate in various meetings, professional development activities, and other responsibilities as assigned. They will also work to increase the Rutgers University brand within the career services field through conference presentations, award nomination submissions, professional online community involvement, and other such activities.

Block R Project

Candidate Profile

To be considered for the assistant director position, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Experience and Education: UHR requires a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent combination of education and/or experience. UHR also requires a minimum of five years of relevant experience in a relevant program coordination or administrative function. However, a doctoral degree is strongly preferred.
  2. Skills and Competencies: Should have an in-depth understanding of NACE Career Readiness Competencies and aspects of career development unique to graduate students. Must demonstrate the ability to work effectively in teams, problem-solve, and manage projects and timelines. Should also have a track record of successfully increasing engagement by audiences and proficiency with standard office software packages.

Preferred Qualifications: Doctoral degree is highly preferred. Experience within industry, career services, or workforce development settings is also preferred.


grad event
career advising
Block R Project

Salary and Benefits

This position offers a competitive salary and benefits.

Salary Transparency

The position is classified as an AFT-6 grade, and its "lifetime" salary range is between $75,382 and $112,452. However, the starting salary offer has a budgetary maximum of $77,500, which will be determined based on the candidate's experience.


Flexible Work Arrangement Program

Rutgers is pleased to announce the extension of the FlexWork@RU Pilot Program through August 31, 2024. Full-time staff members within Career Exploration and Success are permitted to either a 4:1 compressed work week or up to two days per week of remote work. 

The flexible work arrangements outlined in Rutgers Policy 60.3.22 are part of a pilot program that is effective September 1, 2022 and extended through August 31, 2024. Therefore, there is no guarantee that this flexible work arrangement will continue beyond that date. Flexible work arrangements are not permanent, are subject to change or cancellation and contingent on the employee receiving approval in the FlexWork@RU Application System. Additional information may be found at

Additionally, CES has implemented #FocusFriday, a department-wide practice where internal meetings between CES colleagues are discouraged every Friday. This dedicated time enables staff to concentrate on accomplishing their goals.  Periodic meditation or mental health breaks throughout the day are also supported. To further support productivity, CES encourages the utilization of automated "Focus Blocks" through Microsoft Outlook. These automated blocks allow staff members to schedule designated periods of uninterrupted work time, further maximizing productivity and focus.


Benefits Program

Rutgers offers a comprehensive benefit program to eligible employees. For details, please go to
Rutgers also offers a benefit program to eligible full-time postdoctoral fellow students. For details, please go to


Non-Discrimination Statement

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, age, or any other category covered by law in its admission, programs, activities, or employment matters. For additional information, please see the Non-Discrimination Statement at the following web address:


Estimated Search Timeline

This is just an estimated timeline, and guide posts are subject to change given the start of the recruiting season for Rutgers students.

May 22
Application Deadline
First-round Virtual Interview & Presentation
On-campus Visit

Search Committee:

Ava Aulisi, (Search Committee Chair)
Assistant Director, Career Success Strategy - Career Exploration and Success

Stephanie Acuna
Senior International Student Adviser - Rutgers Global

Janet Alder
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Postdoctoral Affairs - Rutgers Health
Assistant Dean for Graduate Academic and Student Affairs - School of Graduate Studies

Eric Chiles
President, Graduate Student Association - Rutgers—New Brunswick

Ghada Endick
Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life - Division of Student Affairs

Larissa Keller
Associate Director, Recruiting Programs - Career Exploration and Success

Mark Robson
Dean - School of Graduate Studies
Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education - Office of the Provost

Andreina Sanchez
EPIC Journeys to Professional Careers - School of Arts and Sciences

Chris Scherer
Director, Industry Engagement - School of Arts and Sciences


Apply Today

Application Deadline to Apply: 11:59 pm on May 22, 2024