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Graduate Coordinator for Staff Management and Office Operations

Currently attending Rutgers’ School of Engineering enrolled in the Master of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering. As the Graduate Coordinator for Staff Management and Office Operations, I supervise the CES Customer Relations interns and front office operations, oversee the onboarding and scheduling of CES Customer Relations Interns, and create a professional customer service environment for students and campus partners. People-oriented, analytical, pragmatic, and dynamic, I have a highly creative nature that's balanced by a get-it-done attitude. I value turning ideas into something tangible that others can enjoy and benefit from. 
My advice to students is to not be afraid of reaching out to Rutgers professors, faculty, and staff for help. Many are industry experts, and all are full of connections, experience, knowledge, and wisdom that can help you in unexpected ways. In addition to this, do not neglect to take full advantage of the exclusive programs and resources available to you while at university. Rutgers University provides access to an overwhelming amount of premium industry-leading tools & training resources. If you don’t know where to start, I encourage you to make an appointment with a CES advisor to discuss your career goals.