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Gain Experience: Are You Internship Ready?

Get Involved

Joining a student organization, volunteering on campus or at a local nonprofit, working part-time, or participating in research with a faculty member all represent valuable experiences that help build skills to include on your resume. From these experiences you can begin developing key skills employers seek such as time management, teamwork, and leadership. These experiences are the stepping stones to increasing your marketability for future internship opportunities. Create your strategy for gaining experience and being “internship ready.” Review the steps for each academic year and meet with a career advisor in the Office of Career Exploration and Success. Explore career interest communities with the goal of identifying one or two that align with your career goals.

Obtain an Internship

Once you have gained experience and identified your major and career interest community, you can begin to identify and pursue internships. Internships provide opportunities to gain professional level experience, explore career options, and in many cases, earn compensation. Internships can also help you find full-time employment and boost your marketability for graduate school.

Students can participate in internships at any stage, but most students obtain their first internship after sophomore year, and many students complete multiple internships.