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Rutgers Internship & Co-op Program (RICP)

What is RICP?

RICP is an online pass/fail internship and co-op course for academic credit during the fall, spring, and summer sessions (winter session is not an option). The course consists of career-related assignments. Employers must complete midterm and final performance evaluations of the student. Course credits apply towards graduation as general elective credits.

The RICP co-op and internship courses are offered through the School of Arts and Sciences – SAS Internship 01:090:201/202/203.  While the courses are open to eligible undergraduates students enrolled at the New Brunswick campus, check with your academic department to see if there is an internship course available for your major.  Additionally, School of Engineering students should check with their department for internship/co-op course options (This course is elective credit – since you are in a credit intensive program you will not need additional elective credits to graduate).

There are two tracks for the program:

  1. Internship Track (3 credits):
    • Part-time during the fall or spring; part-time or full-time during the summer
    • Minimum total of 120 hours of work
    • Minimum 10 weeks during fall or spring; (6 weeks during the summer)
    • Paid or unpaid
    • Students balance internships with a regular full-time course load unless it is summer
  2. Co-op Track (6 credits):
    • Full-time for a 6-month period
    • Minimum total of 300 hours of work
    • Minimum 20 weeks (January-June; July-December)
    • Co-Op students must work a full time schedule, which is a minimum of 30 hours per week.
    • Paid
    • Students typically balance co-ops with an additional 6-credit course load, completed at night or online. Seniors participating in spring co-ops are technically August graduates but can walk in May graduation

Application Deadlines

Applications must be completed by 3:00 pm on the deadline date to be considered.

Internship Program (3 academic credits)

  • Fall 2020 (September-December): September 4 – Application will open in late May
  • Spring 2020 (January-May): January 24
  • Summer 2020 (May-August): June 1

Due to COVID -19 and current restrictions in place including remote instruction for summer session, we encourage students to seek virtual/remote internships/co-ops. Applications for internships/co-ops that are not virtual/remote will be considered as long as they do not violate local regulations regarding COVID-19 and adhere to the workplace safety policies set forth by the NJ government or the state in which the internship/co-op is located.

Co-op Program (6 academic credits)

  • Spring 2020 (January-June): January 24
  • Fall 2020 (July-December): July 30 – Application will open in May