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6 Items to Consider When Receiving an Employment Offer

Evaluating a job offer is more than just taking the job with the best salary. There are many factors to consider in the process:

Take time to consider the offer: We recommend that employers give you two weeks to consider an offer. If they give you less than two weeks, you may negotiate for more time. Offers may be contingent on reference/background checks, drug tests, degree completion, and GPA.

Request the offer in writing: While the offer may be extended verbally, the written offer may contain important details to help you make an informed decision.

Evaluate the salary and benefits: Research the going rate for similar jobs, including location, job duties, and industry. Benefits can include insurance, vacation/holidays, retirement options, health clubs, and child care. Employee benefits can comprise up to 40 percent of your total compensation package.

Observe the office environment and company culture: Every office has a different feel to it. Some offices are casual, and others are formal. Find the best fit for you. Consider how you align with the shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices of the company you’re considering.

Consider negotiable areas: Extensive research will enrich your discussions with the employer when considering topics such as salary, benefits, start date, pre-scheduled travels, relocation, and more.

Act Ethically: When considering an offer, employers expect you to act ethically in your interactions. This pertains to presenting your qualifications truthfully and honoring your commitments. It’s not OK to back out once you have accepted an offer if another offer comes along soon after. This is called reneging and is against Career Exploration and Success offer/acceptance policies. If you renege, you may be subject to sanctions, including being banned from the Rutgers Handshake system and all employment-related services, including on-campus interviews. If you are uncertain about accepting an internship or full-time job offer, speak with a career advisor in Career Exploration and Success.

For assistance in evaluating an offer:  
Contact Career Exploration and Success at 848-445-6127
(Busch Campus) or 848-932-7997 (College Avenue Campus)
to meet with a career advisor. Please indicate that you have received an offer when you call, so that we can schedule a meeting as soon as possible if timing is critical.  Bring your offer correspondence with you to the appointment.