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Virtual Tri-State Career & Internship Fair Hosted by Rutgers

Date & Time

Friday, May 20, 2022, 12:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.


Career & Internship Fairs


Visit your Handshake account to learn more and register for the fair. If you have additional questions regarding the fair, please contact a member of our Recruiting Programs Team at recruiting@echo.rutgers.edu or tel:(848)445-7287. We look forward to assisting you with identifying top talent and building on our valuable partnership.


How to access your scheduled sessions:

Once you are in Handshake, click on the "events" menu option at the top of the page, then click on the "Career Fairs" filter at the top. Click on the fair of interest, and you will have the option of viewing your scheduled sessions. Once you click on a scheduled session, you will see a "Join Session" button in the top-right corner, which will launch the video platform. Note that this button only appears blue a few minutes before starting your scheduled session, so refresh your browser often. The session will no longer be available if you are running late. If you scheduled a session with an employer and miss that time, the system would mark you as a no show for that employer, and you will be unable to reserve another time slot today with that same employer.

The Rutgers Virtual Career & Internship Fair Series is open to all Rutgers University candidates including current students, graduate students, and alumni. Registration for employers is an on-going process. Please check back often on the Handshake page to see which new employers have registered. Complete your registration by selecting:
  • one-on-one virtual sessions to connect directly with recruiters seeking undergraduate, graduate, and alumni candidates.
  • 30-minute group sessions hosted by employer representatives to provide greater insight into their organization and hiring needs. (bullet those two items out)
  • Virtual Career Fair Help Desk: Questions or concerns? Visit us on Zoom between 11:45 am and 4:00 pm to connect with Career Exploration and Success staff members
PLEASE NOTE: Your registration is INCOMPLETE if you do not select a one-on-one virtual session or 30-minute group session. If you have questions on how to sign-up for a session watch our video on Instagram here.

Properly prepare for this virtual fair and put your best foot forward! Career Exploration and Success (formerly University Career Services) at New Brunswick provides preparation resources for Rutgers University-New Brunswick current students and alumni. If you are not affiliated with RU-NB (either a current or former student of the campus) you will need to seek preparation resources through your own campus.

PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS: (Grouped by position categories)

Position Types - Arts, Multimedia, and Communication:

Position Types - Education, Human Services, and Non-Profits:

Position Types - Environment and Sustainability:

Position Types - Food, Agriculture, Animals, and Natural Resources:

Position Types - Hospitality and Tourism:

Position Types - Law; Public Health, Policy, and Safety:

Position Types - Life and Health Sciences:

Position Types - Management, Operations, Human Resources, and Finance:

Position Types - Medical Professions:

Position Types - Physical Sciences:

Position Types - Sales, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship:

Position Types - Technology and Engineering:

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