Career & Internship Fairs

The Rutgers University Career & Internship Fairs are some of the largest recruiting events in the nation.  Recruiters have the opportunity to complete all of their hiring needs across their organization at these events.  All University Career Services fairs are open to Rutgers University students of all majors and alumni from New Brunswick, Camden, Newark, and Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences (RBHS).

  • Mega Fairs: These two-day events occur at the start of each semester (early/late September and late-January/early-February).  Typically, approximately 3,000 students participate in each day with organization booths organized on the exhibit floor by the type of positions being recruited (i.e., non-technical, technical, or both).  
  • NJ Statewide Career & Internship Fair: This one-day event is held on the last Friday in April each year.  The event is open to all Rutgers University students and alumni as well as the general community.  Typically, 2,500 candidates participate in this event.
  • NJ Graduate, Health Professions & Law School Admissions Fair: This virtual fair occurs in the fall semester utilizing the CareerEco platform. Employers have the opportunity to virtually connect with potential candidates over the span of a few days.

Learn more about upcoming fairs via the events calendar.