Recruiter Policies & Guidelines

Policies and Guidelines:

Criteria for Posting Positions:

The following organizations will be permitted to post jobs through Handshake and participate in career days on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus. However, they will not be allowed to participate in the Rutgers on-campus interviewing program:

  • Third-Party Recruiters - These include executive search firms and employment agencies.
  • Commission-Only Employers - These include organizations that do not pay a base salary to their employees.
  • Multilevel Employers (also known as "Pyramid Employers") - These include organizations that depend on employees recruiting others to sell products and services on a commission basis.
  • Upfront Product Purchase Employers - These include organizations that require employees to invest their resources in the purchase of supplies, products or services to carry out their business.
  • Third-Party Agency Statement of Understanding Form

What Qualifies as an Internship/Co-op:

University Career Services recognizes the following as internships/co-ops:

  • Carefully monitored and structured work experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he/she is learning throughout the experience.
  • Positions that promote academic, career and personal development
  • Positions that may be paid or unpaid (must comply with FLSA)

(Adapted from materials published by the National Society for Experiential Education - NSEE)

University Career Services does not recognize the following as internships/co-ops:

  • Volunteer positions with for-profit organizations.
  • Research positions or positions involving payment for participation as a research subject.
  • Positions that are commission only. Positions that have a salary plus commission are acceptable.
  • Positions performed in private homes, including childcare, gardening, housekeeping, and respite care.
  • Camp counselor positions.
  • Positions obtained from temporary agencies or third-party recruiters.
  • Multi-level marketing opportunities.
  • Positions that require any investment by the student, for instance, having to purchase equipment or products to earn a wage or paying for necessary training.
  • Ongoing part-time or full-time jobs that do not relate to the student’s career goals.

All other positions may be considered as part-time positions.

On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Room Scheduling Policy:

Rationale: This policy aims to ensure that all of our recruiting partners are served equitably and have access to our interviewing facilities.

Policy: University Career Services requires that all On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) room cancellations or rescheduling be submitted via email to the Employer Relations team at by 9:00 am, three weeks before the scheduled interview date.

Reservation Scheduling: OCI reservations open June 1 for the Fall, September 1 for the Spring, and March 1 for Summer interviews. Room reservation requests will be granted based on your organization’s usage from the prior year.

Within two weeks of making your interview room reservation, the job descriptions for which you will be recruiting must be attached. “TBD” or generic listings are not acceptable attachments. If job descriptions are not attached, we reserve the right to cancel your room reservation.

OCI room reservations that are canceled within the three week period prior to the recruiting date will be subject to a cancellation fee of $100 per interview room reservation.

This fee will be waived if your candidate pool includes less than 15 students per standard interview schedule who meet the outlined position requirements. In the event of inclement weather preventing travel to the interview facility, these penalties will be waived.

All other cancellations or rescheduled dates made within three weeks of the original reservation will be subject to a fee of $100 per interview room. New reservations may not be made until all penalty fees have been remitted.

Room Only Reservations: University Career Services will continue to offer this option to those not wishing to collect applicants via Handshake. Only currently enrolled Rutgers-New Brunswick and Rutgers-Newark Business School undergraduate students may be interviewed in our facility. To reserve rooms, positions must be provided for our review within two weeks of the reservation’s confirmation by emailing to We reserve the right to cancel reservations without job descriptions. We require a finalized schedule of interview candidate names to be submitted to, 72 hours or three business days in advance of your campus visit.  In addition, an email message confirming the interview must also be sent to students three days prior to the interview date.

General Offer Extension Guidelines: 

In accordance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) guidelines, our goal is not to dictate a specific time frame but to encourage practices that create a transparent and equitable process for students and employers. Effective communication is essential to align with NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice, which seeks to “maintain a recruitment process that is fair and equitable and that supports informed and responsible decision-making by candidates.”

According to NACE, it is best to allow students to participate in recruiting activities such as information sessions, career fairs, and on-campus interviews to enable suitable long-term employment choices and reduce the likelihood of reneging on job offers. In keeping with this practice, we recommend you establish and incorporate offer extension protocols where students are free from undue pressure, and their requests for extensions are honored. As a guide, once candidates have received written offers from employers, a minimum of two weeks should be allowed for students to make informed decisions. 

Rutgers University Career Services prohibits the acceptance of multiple offers by students. Likewise, we also prohibit students from accepting offers from organizations only to later decline those offers. Students are not permitted to interview for positions with similar or competing start dates as accepted offers. Ethical practice dictates that students discontinue interviewing for positions after they have accepted employment offers.

It is strongly recommended that employers notify University Career Services when candidates have accepted full-time, co-op, or internship employment offers.

For information on creating a fair and equitable recruiting process free from undue pressure, where students can make informed career choices, please review this NACE Advisory.

Accounting Recruiting Program Guidelines:

Accounting recruiters should abide by the Account Recruiting Program Guidelines agreed upon by the major schools/universities in New Jersey. :

  • Recruiting Cycles
    • Fall Recruitment for Internship Recruitment (Winter/Spring)             
    • Fall Recruitment for Internship Recruitment (Summer of the following year)                          
    • Fall Recruitment for Professional Entry-Level Career Opportunities              
    • Spring Recruitment for Internship/Externship Recruitment (Summer of the following year) 
  • Fall Recruitment Dates
    • First initial Interviews - September 20 (Nwk); September 19 (NB) through October 14
    • Second Interviews - October 17 through November 4
    • “Offer” Expiration Date - November 18
      *Exceptions to expiration date may be made if students need an extension
  • Spring Recruitment Dates
    • First initial Interviews - January 31 through March 3
    • Second Interviews - March 6 through March 31
    • “Offer” Expiration Date - April 7
  • The career centers at the New Brunswick and Newark campuses will function as the “central link”  for recruitment for ALL of the participating employers.
    • Students who contact employers directly concerning interviewing for internship and/or entry-level professional positions will be referred back to their respective career center for involvement in the formal on-campus recruitment programming.
    • Alumni may apply directly to the employers’ website or through their respective career services office.
  • On-campus/Off-campus Events
    • Employers will be permitted to conduct information sessions according to campus/career center policy. Employers may hold pre-interview receptions the evening before their on-campus interview dates. If such events are held off-campus, employers will be responsible to see that the event is alcohol-free. Career Services MUST be informed at the earliest possible expediency about the scheduling of such off-campus events.
  • Extending & Accepting "Offers"
    • Offers can be transmitted to the student (candidate) at any time during the recruiting period, HOWEVER, no student (candidate) will be required to respond to an offer prior to the agreed upon “Offer Expiration Date.”
    • Full-time “offers” may be made to a student who has already “interned” with that organization (or a junior involved in a summer program), and in this situation, the agreed upon “Offer Expiration Date” is September 16 (externships and internships).
      *Exceptions to expiration date may be made if students need an extension
    • Employers will notify Career Services of offers accepted by September 18.
    • On-going - For firms making full-time offers to winter interns, September 16 is acceptable as long as students are transparent with the firm regarding additional (summer) internship acceptances