Complete Your Post-Graduation Survey

Congratulations on the milestone you are about to achieve!  As you embark on a new life's adventure we ask that you share your future plans at:

If you are unable to login with your RUID and last name, please email Cedric Headley, Assistant Director for Research & Assessment, at with your RUID, full name, major, school, and email address.

You may have been asked to complete a similar survey at the school or departmental level; however, this is the universitywide survey that you should complete prior to graduation.  Even if you have not decided on your next steps, you can still complete this survey prior to graduation.

Reasons to complete the survey:

  • You will be entered into a raffle to win one of four $100 Amazon gift cards!
  • Survey data will help to guide our future job development efforts which will allow us to create additional job leads for students.
  • Information will be shared with your school's dean (individual responses will not be shared) and other university administrators to provide data that they can use to inform future decision-making.
  • A summary of results is available through an online searchable database on the University Career Services website to help students develop stronger career plans. Imagine how helpful this tool would have been for you in your own exploration of careers and majors! Again, individual responses will not be shared.

Thank you for your participation.  And remember, as a recent graduate you can still utilize all the resources provided to you by University Career Services.