Andrew Seguel

Career Education Specialist (Core Programs)
Career Education & Engagement


As a Career Education Specialist, I work primarily with students who are still deciding what their academic and career goals will be. You may have a very specific idea or set of ideas but are hesitant to commit and need further help exploring these ideas, or perhaps you have no idea at all of what to study or what career you will pursue after college. My role is to help you learn more about yourself (i.e., your strengths, your interests, and so on) so you can arrive at a satisfying decision.

I have been working at Rutgers University Career Services since 2009, when I began as a career counseling intern. I also have experience counseling mental health, substance use, and related issues. Lastly, I work part-time as a group fitness instructor and health coach. My approach to counseling has always been focused on wellness, so that all facets of a person's life are being addressed, including career, family, health, and so on.

I have a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Monmouth University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Stevens Institute of Technology, where I also earned a minor in Chemical-Biology. I am a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) and a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC).

I am willing to give you my full attention and truly listen to what your unique concerns and needs are. I've found that a close, trusting relationship can help us work together effectively to better assist you in clarifying and achieving your career goals, whatever they may be. Our primary goal is to help you succeed, so please take full advantage of our services! If you do, and meet us halfway, you will find us a helpful partner in navigating your unique path to professional development.


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