Mindy O'Mealia

Career Development Specialist
Career Development


Since joining University Career Services in 2009, I have advised thousands of students, on a variety of career topics. My areas of expertise include Health/Life Science Personal Statement and Admission Interview prep; Graduate School planning; Career planning, as well as Job and Internship search. I work closely with HPO and EMSOP advisors to ensure that students targeting a career in research or the health professions receive the highest quality advising.

Before joining the University Career Services team, I was a Licensed Professional Counselor, briefly managing my own private practice and facilitating therapy in community agencies. I also served as a MBTI team building facilitator, for Robert Wood Johnson Medical School student leaders, and as a community speaker and educator.

As a practitioner, I bring an extensive and complex background of academic experience, which I capped off most recently with a Drexel University School of Education doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Management. I also received two graduate degrees in Psychological Counseling from Monmouth University and a degree in Economics from St. Lawrence University. Also, I am trained as a MBTI/Strong assessment facilitator, an ACS, and as a Distance Counselor.

My research suggested that students were most successful through:
1.Early and frequent involvement in advising on the path to medical school
2.Quality experiences (e.g. Aresty,Clinical Externships)
3.Research into medical schools to find their best fit program curriculum and culture
4.Balancing academic and life experience and becoming more than their metrics, which strengthened their ability to present themselves to the admission committee
5.Involvement in clubs and their community.


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