Monica Bryant

International Student Career Development Specialist
Career Development


I serve as a Career Development Specialist and liaison to international students. As a Career Development Specialist, I provide counseling and programming to all students in all career interest clusters. In my role as a liaison, I develop and conduct programs and workshops to address the specific needs of international students.

My work is informed by more than 25 years of experience in the field of career planning and development in higher education. Thus, my experiences have enabled me to understand the career needs and challenges of a diverse student body. I also have experience in government, human services, and business. My role specifically focuses on international students with interests in the Arts & Communication; Business, Financial Services, and Logistics; and Education and Public & Human Services.

I hold a doctorate in organizational systems (focusing on behavior, development, and learning), a master's degree in human development, and bachelor's in psychology, and I am a proud Rutgers alumna. When I am not working in my role as a career counselor, I serve as an adjunct instructor and study and practice Reiki energy healing Western Usui Master and Jikiden (Japanese) styles.

My suggestion to students and alumni is to view career and life planning as a jig saw puzzle with many pieces. Each piece provides important bits of information about your skills, interests, values, strengths, and personality type, but to put the big picture together and understand your career possibilities, you must identify and label the pieces. Have fun with the process and enjoy the emerging picture as you uncover and put together your unique puzzle!


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