Jennifer Broyles

Director of Career Education & Engagement
Career Education & Engagement


In my role as Director of Career Education & Engagement, I oversee career curriculum initiatives, core workshops and programs, experiential education initiatives, and alumni engagement and mentoring opportunities that allow current students to engage with the world-of-work through e-mentoring, externships, and the expanding of the Road to Industrymentoring programs. I also provide leadership for our first year student initiatives including First Year Interest Group seminars.

I joined University Career Services as a Career Development Specialist in 2006. Prior to Rutgers, I was employed at the University of Maryland, University Career Center as a program director providing career counseling and programming. I also worked as an academic advisor and graduate assistant at Rowan University's Career and Academic Planning Center. My other professional experience includes development and event planning at a girls school, as well as financial market reporting for Bloomberg.

I earned my bachelor's degree in communication and psychology from Rutgers University, Douglass College and a master's degree in student personnel services from Rowan University.

My own career progression supports the idea that career development is a journey with many twists and turns. I encourage students to embrace the process and be flexible. The world of work requires adaptability, where constant change is the norm. It's critical to take advantage of the resources UCS provides including internship opportunities, career counseling, and programs. Realize that your path may not be linear, but if you engage in the process, it will surely be worthwhile.


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