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What Can I Do With This Major for Majors in Medical Imaging Sciences



Medical imaging also referred to as diagnostic imaging is a discipline within the medical field which involves the use of technology to produce images of structures within the human body.   There are a number of different types of technologies used in medical imaging. The primary goal of medical imaging is to provide an image of the internal structures of the body in a way which is as non-invasive as possible. These images are used as a diagnostic tool to identify pathological conditions within the body, congenital defects,  physiological changes, functionality of organs and vessels, fetal development and more.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Biochemist Medical Illustrator Microbiologist
Clinical Pathologist Medical Laboratory Librarian Parasitologist
Medical Doctor Medical Record Technician Radiographer Technician
Medical Equipment Sales Representative Medical Technologist Research Assistant

Types of Employers


Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Biopharmacuetical Companies Health Maintenance Organizations Research & Development Labs
Biotechnology Firms Health and Maintenance Organizations Research Foundations
Diagnostic Testing Companies Hospitals Scientific Journals
Educational Institutions Medical Equipment Manufacturers Technician Labratories
Health Care Providers Medical Software Companies Testing Labs


Government Agencies
Centers for Disease Control National Institute of Health Research Institutions
Department Of Health And Human Services National Science Foundation .
National Cancer Institute Public Health Service .

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Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates


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