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What Can I Do With This Major for Majors in Landscape Architecture



The landscape architecture program offers a four-year undergraduate professional design curriculum that encompasses the breadth of the discipline and a strong foundation for professional practice. Emphasis is on creative environmental design using social and environmental information. Issues addressed by landscape architects range from the design of parks, urban spaces, housing sites, and gardens to the planning, design, and management of entire regions. This professional program is nationally accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects.Course offerings cover a diverse range of subjects including site-scale design, planting design, urban design, landscape history, site and environmental inventory and analysis, grading, drainage and stormwater management, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, landscape construction, visual communication and graphic representation, aesthetics, and creative processes. Instructions integrate evolving theories, practices, and technologies into the curriculum, including information technologies and concepts of sustainability. The curriculum incorporates strengths drawn from the perspectives of the physical and biological sciences, social sciences, and art.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Civil Engineer Landscape Assessor Landscape Sales
Construction Managers Landscape Contractor Range Manager
Garden Designer Landscape Developer Soil and Water Conservationist
Greenway Initiator Landscape Planner Tourism Planning
Landscape Artist Landscape Product Design .

Types of Employers


Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Botanical Gardens Landscape Artist Range Manager
Civil Engineer Landscape Assessor Ski Resorts
Construction Managers Landscape Contractor Soil and Water Conservationist
Crop/Soil Management Firms Landscape Developer Tourism Planning
Environmental Consulting Firms Landscape Planner Transportation Planner
Garden Designer Landscape Product Design Weed Control Companies
Golf Course Architects Landscape Sales .
Greenway Initiator Private Schools .


Government Agencies
Bureau of Land Management Design firms Self-employed
Bureau of Reclamation Forest Service Township and County Planning Department
Construction Companies Housing and Urban Development Department Travel and Tourism Department
Department of Agriculture Landscaping Companies U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Parks and Recreation NJ Department of Environment Protection Wholesale Distributors

Internships Obtained by Rutgers Students


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Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates


First Jobs of Recent Graduates - Landscape Architecture
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