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What Can I Do With This Major for Majors in Business Analytics and Information Technology



Business Analytics and Information Technology (BAIT) a quantitative and computing major. It covers information technology, data analysis and decision support, which are becoming strongly intertwined and are essential components of the modern enterprise. Most modern organizations use computer systems to manage data and operations, analyze data, and support operational decision-making. The BAIT major trains students in the technology and quantitative skills needed for the converging fields of information technology and business analytics. Skills taught include relational database design and management, object-oriented computer programming, web server technology, forecasting, large-scale statistical analysis, data mining, decision analysis, optimization modeling, and risk modeling. Most business information systems currently being developed include not only aspects of data management and online transactions, but also sophisticated data analysis and often aspects of decision support – helping organizations to make better decisions, or in some cases automating operational-level decision making. BAIT prepares students to work on all levels of developing such systems. Graduates will be particularly well-positioned to work on “big data” projects – analyzing data on unprecedented scales. In addition, the RBS core curriculum also provides students with a fundamental understanding of all the business functional areas with such systems and the basic skills needed to function efficiently in teams and assume leadership and management roles. Students should have an aptitude for computing and quantitatively-oriented material.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Applied Statistician Database Analyst Project Manager
Bank Research Analyst Financial Analyst Risk Analyst
Business Analyst Help Desk Analyst Statistical Analyst
Computer Security Specialist Investment Banking Analyst Systems Analyst
Computer Systems Analysts IT Specialist Systems Consultant
Computer Systems Design and Related Services Market Research Analyst Technical Analyst
Cost Analyst Operations Research Analyst .
Data Processing Manager Pension Analyst .

Types of Employers


Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Applied Statistician Data Processing Manager Market Research Analyst
Bank Research Analyst Database Analyst Operations Research Analyst
Business Analyst Economic Research Foundations Pension Analyst
Chambers of Commerce Financial Analyst Project Manager
Computer Firms Financial Institutions Risk Analyst
Computer Security Specialist Help Desk Analyst Statistical Analyst
Computer Systems Analysts IT Specialist Systems Analyst
Computer Systems Design and Related Services Information Design Agencies Systems Consultant
Consultant Investment Banking Analyst Technical Analyst
Cost Analyst Manufacturing Firms .


Government Agencies
CIA/FBI Federal Trade Commission National Telecommunications
Department of Commerce General Accounting Office Securities and Exchange Commission
Department of Finance Information Adminstration Small Business Adminstration
Department of Treasury Int’l. Trade Administration U.S. Information Agency
Federal Reserve Bank Management Consulting Firms .
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board Market Research Firms .

Internships Obtained by Rutgers Students


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Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates


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