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What Can I Do With This Major for Majors in Medieval Studies



In the Medieval Studies program students will be able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the European Middle Ages, including its major cultural and intellectual trends, its demography, its social formations and institutions in addition to the influence of medieval culture on modernity. This includes knowledge of the scholarly developments,  areas of uncertainty and controversy from the era -  from its beginning with the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West to the end of the 14th century on the Continent and the end of the 15th century in the British isles. Students will be familiar with at least two of the constituent disciplines of medieval studies and gain understanding of the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary study; they will acquire knowledge of relations between medieval society in Europe and contemporaneous non-European cultures receiving exposure to the variety and character of the sources for the modern interdisciplinary study of the Middle Ages. Students will develop skills in primary and secondary research by writing an original essay through a seminar, independent study, or yearlong thesis, acquiring basic competence in one or more of the languages central to the study of the Middle Ages, such as Latin, Old English, and other European vernacular languages.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Admissions Counselor Design Multimedia Production
Advertising Digital Information Museum Curator
Advertising Account Exec. Documentary Editing Museums and Historical Organizations
Advertising Copywriter Editor/Writer Nonprofit Administrator
Archeology Education and Higher Learning Nonprofit Associations
Architecture and Civil Engineering Employee Relations Specialist Peace Corps/VISTA Worker
Archives Fashion Philanthropic Foundations
Archivist FBI/CIA Agent Politician
Arts and Entertainment Film Professional Research
Attorney Foreign Correspondent Public Administrator
Auctioneering Foreign Service Officer Public Information Officer
Business Government Agency Admin Public Policy Specialist
Business Manager Historic Preservation Public Relations Specialist
Claims Examiner Historic Preservation Specialist Public Service
Columnist/Reporter Historic Site Administrator Public Service Official
Communication Human Resources Specialist Publications Specialist
Community Affairs Specialist Information Management Publishing
Conflict Resolution Specialist International Consutant Resource Development
Congressional Aide International Relations Specialist Sales
Consultant International Trade Specialist Tour Organizer/Guide
Consumer Advocate Journalism Tourism
Copy Writer Journalist Travel Consultant
Cultural Resource Management Law Web Content Writing
Customer Relations Rep Libraries World Heritage Preservation
Customs/Immigration Officer Lobbyist .
Data analysis Marketing .

Types of Employers


Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Advertising Education and Higher Learning Newspapers/Magazines
American Schools Abroad Educational Institutions Nonprofit Associations
Amnesty Int'l. Entertainment Firms Philanthropic Foundations
Archeology Fashion Professional Associations
Architecture and Civil Engineering Film Professional Research
Archives Film Companies Project Hope
Arts and Entertainment Foundations Public Interest Groups
Auction Houses Historic Preservation Public Relations Firms
Auctioneering Historic Sites/Historical Societies Public Service
Book Publishers Hotels/Restaurants/Resorts Publishing
Book/Magazine Publishers Information Management Red Cross Int'l.
Business Insurance Companies Research Firms
CARE, Inc Int'l. Exchange Programs Resource Development
Civic Organizations Journalism Retail Stores
Colleges/Universities Labor Unions Sales
Communication Law Social Service Agencies
Consulting Firms Law Firms Tourism
Cultural Organizations Libraries Travel Agencies
Cultural Resource Management Marketing United Nations
Data analysis Media Organizations Web Content Writing
Design Multimedia Production World Health Organization
Digital Information Museums World Heritage Preservation
Documentary Editing Museums and Historical Organizations YMCA/YWCA


Government Agencies
Agency for Int'l. Development Historical Preservation Societies Office of Int'l. Coop. & Development
Bureau of Export Admin International. Exchange Programs Office of Int'l. Education
Bureau of Intelligence & Research International. Trade Administration Office of Int'l. Policy & Programs
CIA/FBI Legislative Affairs Peace Corps
Civil Rights Commission Library of Congress Smithsonian Institution
Consumer Affairs Office Marketing Firms U.S. Customs Service
Department of Labor NJ International. Trade Division U.S. Department of State
Department of State NJ Travel & Tourism Division U.S. Information Agency
Federal/State Congressional Offices National Archives & Records Administration Universities
Foreign Commercial Service National Endowment for the Humanities Voice of America
Foreign Service Office of Int'l. Affairs .

Internships Obtained by Rutgers Students


Organization Job Title

Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates


First Jobs of Recent Graduates - Medieval Studies
Organization Job Title


Jobs of Experienced Alumni - Medieval Studies
Orange County Mensa Editor

SCILS, Rutgers University Graduate Student

school unknown Law School Student

Bristol-Myers Squibb SAP Testing Analyst

NJ School District Teacher

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