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Career Opportunities

What Can I Do With This Major for Majors in Education



A career in education was once exclusively a career in teaching, usually in an elementary or secondary school or in a college or university, or to a lesser extent in a church or synagogue, or other religious institution. Today it is a much broader enterprise. Most educators are still teachers, but many specialty areas have developed, i.e. reading teachers, guidance counselors, librarians and other media specialists, nurses, physical therapists, social workers, business managers, computer experts--to mention a few. It can be said that teaching is the central career in education. All other educators exist to support teachers in one way or another.

In the public schools the most prevalent career route is a result of training in an approved program which leads to state certification. Other institutions and programs may consider a candidate without certification, but necessarily with a strong educational background and strong commitment.

Though teaching is still the career of choice for education majors, training, education and skills allow one to consider alternative career choices. These are wide and varied, occurring in different settings and with titles other than "teacher" (see Possible Occupations).

The related occupations listed below are just some of the possible choices for teachers.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Academic Advisor Fundraiser Public Relations Specialist
Admissions Counselor Government Agency Admin Radio/TV Newscaster
Adult Educator Human Resources Specialist Researcher
Advertising Account Exec. Journalist Sales Representative
Audio-visual Specialist Learning Disabilities Specialist School Administrator
Consultant Librarian School Psychologist
Consumer Advocate Lobbyist Social Worker
Continuing Ed. Program Planner Market Research Specialist Speech Consultant
Convention Organizer Media Buyer Student Affairs Administrator
Corporate Trainer Nonprofit Administrator Teacher/Professor
Counselor Personnel Recruiter Technical Writer
Curriculum Coordinator Private Tutor Tour Guide
Editor/Writer Public Information Officer .
ESL Teacher Public Lecturer .

Types of Employers


Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Colleges/Universities Health Service Providers Private Schools
Community service agencies Historic Sites/Historical Societies Private Schools Abroad
Consulting Firms Libraries Public Schools
Consumer Products Firms Media Organizations Research & Development Labs
Educational Publishers Museums .
Financial Institutions Preschool/daycare centers .


Government Agencies
Cultural Affairs Agencies Judicial system State Boards/State Departments of Ed.
Federal Education Agencies National Associations and Councils .
Government Affiliated Schools Abroad Regional and National Accrediting Agencies .

Internships Obtained by Rutgers Students


Organization Job Title

Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates


First Jobs of Recent Graduates - Education
Organization Job Title
Banque Francaise Receptionist

Fort Lee Bd. of Ed. Substitute Elementary Teacher

Google Human Resource Associate

Handicapped, North Brunswick Schools Teacher

Hoffmann-La Roche Assistant Scientist

Howell Twp. Schools Grade 3 Teacher

Jersey City Schools Elementary Music Teacher

King Intermediate School Special Ed. Teacher

Macy*s Customer Service Representative

Montgomery Schools Teacher

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Jobs of Experienced Alumni - Education
A.G. Edwards & Sons Investment Broker

Alden Nursing Home (M.Ed.) Activity Director

Bergen City Zoological Park Education Director

Conde Nast "Lucky" magazine Assoc. Beauty Editor

Cornell Coop. Extension Home Econ. Program Leader

East Brunswick Library (MLS) Director

State Bar Association Director

Career Services, Catholic Univ. of America (Ed.D. Ed. Admin.) Director

Technology Planning, Educational Testing Service Director

Educational Information & Resource Ctr. (Ed.D.) Exec. Dir

Ewing Board of Educ. (Ed.D.) Asst. Superintendent

First Fidelity Bank Manager of Operations Services

Hamilton Twp. Schools (M.Ed., Special Ed.) Learning Disabilities Specialist

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Graduate Schools Attended


Institution Degree Field
Indiana University M.Ed. Phys. Ed.

Kean University M.Ed

Ohio State University PhD Ed. Admin.

Rutgers, Grad. School of Education M.Ed.

Rutgers, Grad. School of Education Ed.D.

St. John's University MBA

Temple University M.Ed.

Temple University Ed.D.

Additionally, you may: