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Rutgers Online Career Planning

Welcome to our online career planning site! The information in this section may help you generate some ideas for college majors and future career plans.

The online career planning site is not a comprehensive career planning experience, and we encourage you to complement this by meeting with a career counselor to further explore and develop your career plans. Website applications can be a starting point for your career planning. We recommend you continue by speaking with a counselor to gain a more complete view of yourself and the college majors and career plans that may be most appropriate for you.

There are five components to the online career planning site:

  1. Assess Yourself
    Learn about your interests, skills, and values by completing three inventories. 
  2. Generate Options
    Identify Rutgers University majors and general career options that relate to your interests and skills. 
  3. Gather Information
    Learn more about Rutgers University majors and academic requirements. Get career information such as job descriptions, salary, and outlook. 
  4. Make a Decision
    Review the decision-making process and determine the status of your decision. 
  5. Take Next Steps
    Identify the steps you need to take to move ahead with your academic and career plans.

We recommend you move through this process in the order it is presented, beginning with "Assess Yourself." Once you have completed the entire process, schedule an appointment at any University Career Services office to discuss your academic and career plans with a counselor.