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On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Program
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The On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Program at Rutgers University-New Brunswick allows you to recruit high caliber students from a variety of disciplines. Interviews for full-time hires take place during 10 weeks in the fall at our state-of-the-art interviewing location and 10 weeks in the spring. 

Utilizing CareerKnight, our OCI program is a 100% pre-select system, so you only choose those candidates whom you want to interview on campus. The process typically takes four weeks to complete from initiation of your position posting to the interview day. We can accommodate those employers who are trying to fill an opening quickly by modifying our standard timeframe and offering customized solutions to your recruiting needs.

View our On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Room Scheduling Policy

To get started, simply go to CareerKnight to request a recruiting date. Then follow the step-by-step process discussed below.

On-Campus Interviewing Program 101:


Scheduling an Interview Date

You will need approximately four weeks to complete this process. All steps between the initial request and the campus interview are handled electronically.

  1. Go to CareerKnight to arrange an on-campus interviewing date. All recruiting dates must be scheduled through the CareerKnight system.
  2. University Career Services sends an email confirmation of your recruiting date.
  3. Complete the job description. Your job description must be attached to your interview date so those students can view it and submit their resumes.
  4. Students submit their resumes prior to the resume submission deadline.
  5. Review students' resumes, which are available to you online.
  6. Select the students whom you would like to interview along with alternates.
  7. Selected students sign up for their interviews one-week prior to your on-campus interviewing date.
  8. Interview students on campus.


Interview Schedule Options

Interviews are typically conducted in half-hour sessions, starting at 9:00 a.m., which allows our employers to interview a maximum of 12 students. Other options, including 45 and 60 minute interview times and varied start and end times, are available and can be arranged as needed.



Interview dates cannot be honored unless all job descriptions are received and candidates are selected by the stated deadlines. If you miss these deadlines, you may need to change the date of your recruiting visit.


Job Descriptions

Students are made aware of your organization, positions and interview dates through your job descriptions. It is critical that your descriptions be informative, but succinct. Students want to know what they will be doing, what technology will be available and what skills are required for each position.


Citizenship Requirements

In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), interviews will be made available to interested students who are authorized to work full-time in the United States regardless of their citizenship status, unless U.S. citizenship is legally required. If citizenship is legally required for your company, please indicate this under job requirements on your CareerKnight job description.

Increasing Visibility of Your Interview Date:


Hotel Accommodations

View information on local hotels and motels to arrange overnight accommodations. You must make reservations directly with the accommodation of your choice.


The Interview Day

  • Parking: Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first interview, because parking may be limited. Directions, parking information and maps can be downloaded prior to your visit. Park in Lot #51 located in front of the Busch Campus Center. Your Rutgers parking permit must be completely filled out. Please do not park at a meter. Parking tickets received by you while parked in a metered spot will not be voided.Display the permit (hangtag) on your rearview mirror, with the color side facing the exterior of your vehicle. (Your parking permit will be emailed to you in advance of your visit—you can also obtain a permit upon arrival at the Career & Interview Center.)
  • Meeting Students: Interviews begin at 9:00 AM. Plan to arrive by 8:30 AM. All interviews are conducted in the Career & Interview Center located in the Busch Campus Center. Upon arrival, you will be greeted and briefed by a Career Services staff member and escorted to your interview room. Meet students in the reception area.
  • Business Cards: Please be sure to bring a supply of business cards for the interview day.
  • Food and Beverages: There is a food court for breakfast, lunch or snacks. Gerlanda's (pizza and sandwiches), Burger King, Moe's (Southwest Grill), or Chinese take-out are available. Please help yourself to complimentary coffee, tea and water in the kitchen area of our office.
  • Staying on Schedule: Interviews begin at 9:00 AM. Plan to arrive by 8:30 AM. Please make every effort to stay on schedule. Keep in mind that students have classes and work commitments and may not be able to stay beyond the interview time period. Your interviews at Career Services will end by 4:30 PM. If you wish to continue interviewing after 4:30 PM, you must request special permission from our recruiting coordinator at 848-445-7287. Access to the Career & Interview Center is limited after 5:00 PM.
  • Resumes: We do not maintain a paper file of student resumes. Almost all students bring copies of their resumes to the interview, so feel free to ask them. However, if you need a single resume, we can print it for you.

Testing Options

University Career Services' interview facilities should be used by employers primarily for the purpose of interviewing students from Rutgers University. If space is available, we will schedule a room at the Interview Center for employment related testing. There may be a fee if a room rental is necessary.

All employers administering pre-employment tests during a recruiting visit must complete a document specifying the test(s) to be administered and releasing Rutgers University's Career Services of any liability associated with pre-employment testing.

Please direct questions regarding this policy to our employer services team at 848-445-7287, or recruiting@echo.rutgers.edu.


Renege Policy

Rutgers Career Services prohibits the acceptance of multiple offers by our students. We strongly discourage students from accepting an offer from an organization and later reneging or declining the offer.


Accounting Recruiting Program Guidelines

  • Recruiting Cycles
    • Fall Recruitment for Internship Recruitment (Winter/Spring 2017) - Class of 2017/’18               
    • Fall Recruitment for Internship Recruitment (Summer 2017) - Class of 2018/‘19                          
    • Fall Recruitment for Professional Entry-Level Career Opportunities - Class of 2017 [ONLY]                
    • Spring Recruitment for Internship/Externship Recruitment (Summer 2017) -  Class of 2019/’20
  • Fall Recruitment Dates
    • First initial Interviews - September 20 (Nwk); September 19 (NB) through October 14, 2016
    • Second Interviews - October 17 through November 4, 2016
    • “Offer” Expiration Date - November 18, 2016
      *Exceptions to expiration date may be made if students need an extension
  • Spring Recruitment Dates
    • First initial Interviews - January 31 through March 3, 2017
    • Second Interviews - March 6 through March 31, 2017
    • “Offer” Expiration Date - April 7, 2017
  • The Career Centers at the New Brunswick and Newark campuses will function as the “central link”  for recruitment for ALL of the participating employers.
    • Students who contact employers directly concerning interviewing for internship and/or entry-level professional positions will be referred back to their respective career center for involvement in the formal on-campus recruitment programming.
    • Alumni [2016] may apply directly to the employers’ web site or through their respective career services office.
  • On-campus/Off-campus Events
    • Employers will be permitted to conduct information sessions according to campus/career center policy. Employers may hold pre-interview receptions the evening before their on-campus interview dates. If such events are held off-campus, employers will be responsible to see that the event is alcohol free. Career Services MUST be informed at the earliest possible expediency about the scheduling of such off-campus events.
  • Extending & Accepting "Offers"
    • Offers can be transmitted to the student (candidate) at any time during the recruiting period, HOWEVER, no student (candidate) will be required to respond to an offer prior to the agreed upon “Offer Expiration Date.”
    • Full-time “offers” may be made to a student who has already “interned” with that organization (or a junior involved in a summer program), and in this situation, the agreed upon “Offer Expiration Date” is:   September 16, 2016 (externships and internships).
      *Exceptions to expiration date may be made if students need an extension
    • Employers will notify Career Services of offers accepted by September 18.
    • On-going - For firms making full-time offers to winter interns, September 16 is acceptable as long as students are transparent with the firm regarding additional (summer) internship acceptances