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Graduate School Action Plan

Planning Process

  • Review our upcoming events and University Career Services Guide online.
  • Meet with a career counselor and/or faculty advisor to discuss your graduate school plans.
  • Attend the Graduate, Law and Health Professions School Fair.
  • Attend off-campus graduate school events such as Law School Admissions Day at Rutgers-Newark. For pre-health professions students, be sure to register with the Health Professions Office at the Busch Campus/Nelson Labs A207.
  • Research graduate and professional schools online.
  • Review GRE/GMAT/LSAT information. Sign up for and prepare for the appropriate exam. 
  • Visit graduate schools in which you are interested and speak with admissions representatives.

Application Process

  • Request catalogs and application forms from the programs of your choice as early as possible. Also request information about specific departments, along with financial aid information.
  • Set up a credentials file using Interfolio.com. Request letters of recommendation from three professors who know you well.
  • For specific questions or concerns regarding professional schools, visit pre-law, pre-med, and other preprofessional advising offices on your campus.
  • Have your application essay critiqued by a career counselor, mentor, or departmental advisor.
  • Submit applications, official transcripts, and other required materials on time.