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On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Program
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Each year employers conduct thousands of interviews in the University Career Services Busch Campus facility to select candidates for full-time, internship, and summer opportunities. Employers recruit from a wide variety of RU majors and programs. Interviews are held during the fall and spring semesters. OCI is free, it's easy, it gives you access to some of the top employers in the region and country, and it's available exclusively to RU students. These are employers interviewing on your campus for real life off-campus positions.

More About OCI:

How do you apply for an interview?

University Career Services uses the Rutgers Handshake (formerly CareerKnight) system to manage the OCI Program. Employers pick candidates to interview based on how a candidate matches the needs of the employer, and then invites selected candidates to interview. To get started, log in to your Rutgers Handshake (formerly CareerKnight) account and look for the "Search Listings" tab on the navigation bar.If you're looking for a specific opportunity, use the 'Keyword' box to search by the Job ID number, position title, company name, and more.

What are the upcoming interview deadlines?

We post interview deadline dates on our events calendar. You can also keep track of potential interviews you qualify for in Rutgers Handshake (formerly CareerKnight).

What do I wear to the interview?

Minimum attire for ALL interviews with employers is business formal (i.e., suit and tie) unless otherwise specified.

Where are the interviews located?

All interviews, regardless of majors sought by employer, are located in the University Career Services facility in the Busch Campus Student Center.

Cancellations Policy/No-show Policy

A participant is considered a "no-show" when he/she fails to cancel their interview with an employer with sufficient notice (2 business days). Failure to show for an interview will result in termination of all Rutgers Handshake (formerly CareerKnight) privileges, including On-Campus Interviews and job postings.

Please note that when participants no-show for an interview it is unfair to potential candidates who wanted to interview but couldn't due to a limited schedule. In addition, no-shows not only reflects negatively on you, but on the entire Rutgers University student population as a whole.

On-campus Interviewing and Resume Submission Guidelines

Offer Acceptance Policy for Students