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Strategic Plan

Vision 2020: 2016-2020 Strategic Plan:

The Vision 2020 plan builds upon the three strategic pillars, 13 goals, 61 objectives, and 187 actions of our former plan, Building Toward the Future. However, we will now take University Career Services at Rutgers—New Brunswick to even greater heights of service and higher levels of prominence. But not for our own sake. Indeed, all we do, every decision we make, every relationship we create, every event we organize, every seminar we teach, every web page we design is dedicated to the singular purpose of assuring student success. And all this is done with the hope that the success of today’s students will foster a self-perpetuating tradition of success for future generations of Rutgers students.

The Vision 2020 plan focuses on three strategic pillars:

  • Preparing Students for Career Success
  • Engaging With & Exploring the World-of-Work
  • Fostering Employer Relationships

View the entire plan here or download it (pdf)

Building Toward the Future: 2013-2016 Strategic Outcomes Triennial Report:

In 2013, University Career Services developed and began implementing a transitional strategic plan to guide the department over the ensuing three years. The plan, Building Toward the Future, consisted of strategic pillars of excellence along with various operational critical enablers. Included in this triennial report are just a few highlights from July 1, 2013 to September 1, 2016.

View the entire plan here or download it (pdf)

Building Toward the Future: 2013-2016 Strategic Plan:

Realizing the tremendous individual talents and collective wisdom of the University Career Services staff, the Senior Leadership Team of the department proposed three essential structural columns upon which our plan would be built:

  • Core Services and Programs
  • Experiential Education
  • Employer Relations

These pillars serve as the signposts for our map to excellence. In fact, we named the three columns “pillars,” as they incorporate comprehensively the key central attributes any world-class career center must have. The University Career Services staff takes great pride in this document and in the work that it represents. It is our hope that it will help Rutgers students to navigate their unique pathways to success.

View the entire plan here or download it (pdf)