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Resource Review Request

Focus2 Form

University Career Services often receives requests from organizations and publishers to review their resources. We appreciate your consideration of Rutgers University as a partner with your organization.

Due to the volume of requests received, our Technology Committee reviews all submissions at the end of each semester. Once your information has been submitted, the committee will contact you if further information is needed. When the review process has been completed you will be notified regarding the status of your submission.

Please complete the following form in its entirety.

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Contact Information

Product Information

Technical Specifications
Is field-tested data available?
Do you have the ability to integrate single sign-on capabilities through CAS or LDAP?
If yes, is your product accessible to alumni (outside of CAS/LDAP login)?
Is your product API compatible?
Do you have any technical partnerships with NACElink/Symplicity?

User Analytics
Are we able to generate reports or do we need to contact the vendor for reports?

Customer Support
Are customer support services available?

Cost and Associated Fees
Are there any discounts available (i.e. beta school, consortium discounts, trials, partnerships, etc.)?
Can we test the product before purchasing?

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