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Envision Physician Services Employer Networking & Information Session

Thursday, February 8, 2018 • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: Busch Student Center, Career & Interview Center

We are looking to hire individuals that can work as Clinical Information Managers (CIMs) / Medical Scribes in our Emergency and Internal Medicine Departments. As an aspiring healthcare professional, our CIM position offers you a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the clinical field.

Emergency Medical Associates (EMA) is one of the most respected emergency department (ED) practice organizations in the United States and treats more than 1 million patients annually, while serving more than 30 hospital clients. The company is widely recognized for clinical excellence, as well as the ability to increase patient volume, turn around ED operations, and improve and sustain patient satisfaction.

As a CIM you will observe patient-provider interactions, witness medical decision-making, and expedite and enhance patient care by documenting notes in an electronic medical record as well as following up on diagnostic testing. Being a CIM provides you with a competitive advantage by placing you a step ahead in your career development.

Come to our Information Session to learn more about our medical scribe position as well as hear some tips for the application process!

Appropriate Attire:
Minimum attire for ALL sessions with employers present is business casual unless otherwise specified.

Sessions are ONLY open to Rutgers-New Brunswick students and alumni.

RSVP Information:

  1. Login to your CareerKnight account
  2. Select "Events, Workshops & Contests" on the left menu bar
  3. Select "Employer Networking & Information Sessions" in the secondary gray bar
  4. You can use the keyword search field to search through the various sessions in the system to locate this event
  5. Only students who RSVP for information sessions are guaranteed seats. Others will be allowed into the room five minutes prior to the start time if space is available.

RSVP No-Show Policy:

Participants are considered "no-shows" when they fail to cancel their RSVPs through CareerKnight with sufficient notice (within 24 hours of the program). Failure to attend events for which students have submitted RSVPs will result in a suspension of all CareerKnight privileges, including On-Campus Interviews and job postings. In case of inclement weather, please check www.rutgers.edu to determine the University's operating status. We will follow all closings and delays.

Why we need a no-show/cancellation policy for information sessions: Please note that when participants no-show for events that require an RSVP, it is unfair to potential participants who wanted to attend but couldn't due to a possible waitlist. In addition, we have employers and organizers who participate and they are giving their time to assist RU students/alumni. Thus, having no-shows for RSVP events not only reflects negatively on you, but on Rutgers University as well. Moreover, such lapses of etiquette are generally not tolerated in business and civic settings.

For additional information: Contact Employer Relations Team at recruiting@echo.rutgers.edu